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[fic] the first time

warning: rated m for mature shenanigans~

Changmin lets his haughty smirk soften to a quirk of the lips. His gaze lowering from the foggy glass of the windowpane to the soft, warm man in his arms.

Yunho is devastating, as always. Especially like this. Back bent… head down… cheek pressed against the glass, eyes screwed shut. Damp locks hanging low across his forehead. His long fingers; thin and almost effeminate, curled against the glass, nails scratching for purchase as his spine flexes and twinges against Changmin’s front.

Changmin lets his hand slide down the window to meet Yunho’s warm flesh. The cool, moist condensation making the dancer shiver and tremble as the larger hand trails its way down his stomach to its final destination.

Changmin has always loved the idea of Yunho unravel before him. Having such a fantasy become real… is almost overwhelming. He wants to consume the man he’s called his ‘hyung’ for the last ten years of his life. The strawberry loving fool is just so passionate; whether it’s moving his body to some heady bass or indulging in his favorite meal. Yunho is always telling him it’s the maknae whose the most expressive; all big-eyed and childish glee or fluster. Changmin refuses to believe in such notions, not when it’s so obvious, that illuminating charisma that radiates from Jung Yunho.

Changmin releases his grip on the heat between Yunho’s quivering thighs to trail up heated skin to sharp hips, taking them in a bruising grip. The man beneath him wobbles unsteadily and Changmin shifts his legs behind the other’s in support. Yunho’s right hand releases its non-existent grip against the clouded glass to meet his own. Their fingers lock and tangle slowly together against Yunho’s hip.

There’s a moment of hesitation. Changmin watches their muted reflection, sees past the bright lights and foreign city, and reads the anxiety staring back at him. The concern in his own lidded stare. It somehow overcomes the torrid, overwhelming flames that had been building in him since the first moment he locked eyes with the chubby, young adult. Messy hair, a promise in his eyes, a hope for the future, an understanding that life wasn’t perfect. His mind clears when Yunho gently squeezes their locked fingers.

It’s a sign. Changmin drops his head against the back of Yunho’s neck, pushing his worries away with a deep sigh.

His first thrust is careful, accommodating. He plans on taking this slow… but then Yunho immediately arches back to meet him, in a way he’s only seen backstage, watching carefully from behind, or though the mirror of a practice room. Changmin moans low in response. A strange, feral sound, and suddenly, he doesn’t really care if he hurts Yunho.

A part of him wants to.


Their love-making is hot and fast.


Yunho can barely keep his thoughts in a discernible line. He grits his teeth against the pain, the pleasurable sensations his body’s never known before. The sweat dripping off Changmin’s body melts with his own, burns his eyes, makes his skin slick. The inhuman sounds Changmin is breathing into his ear make his own voice louder, fervent.

The second they reach their tipping point all hell breaks loose. Changmin’s movements increasingly frenzied, sloppy. Yunho isn’t doing much better. Sometimes their hips slip and don’t meet quite right, and they have to stop, re-adjust, and continue on. It feels never-ending and imminent all at once.


Changmin reaches up with his lonely hand to tangle his fingers with the hand Yunho has still pressed against the window. They’re connected in every way now. Their bodies pressed together, inside and out. Fingers locked, breath intermingled.

Those last, few, infuriating inches lost between them.

A few more meetings and they finally see stars. Changmin in trembling. His forehead knocks against he back of Yunho’s head as his body jerks uncontrollably. Yunho leans forward to sink his teeth into Changmin’s arm. It draws blood, along with a yelp of pain. Changmin involuntarily pulls away before tugging closer. Holding him so close Yunho has never felt so complete, so not alone.

They stay there. Just like that. Until the wetness on Yunho’s stomach becomes uncomfortable, until Changmin’s legs can no longer support himself and his lover.

Changmin pulls out carefully with a shaky laugh. Yunho turns to him slowly to take the boy into his arms. They sink to their knees onto the soft carpet of the shared hostel. They relax, their harsh pantings fading as time passes. Changmin leans back and flinches at the chill of the glass against his back. He runs a hand through Yunho’s messy hair as he turns his head to watch the setting sun. It’s a reminder of the end of their heated activities… and their busy schedule come morning. Yunho’s breaths finally even. He snuggles closer to Changmin, a soft mew rumbling in his chest, an expression of pure content.

The words slip from Changmin’s lips before he can stop them. Not that he would want to.

“I love you.”

Yunho gives him a look that seems almost surprised. He leans his head back to rest on Changmin’s shoulder, a lazy smile spreading on rosy lips and an echoed understanding in dark eyes that makes the younger’s suspiciously moist. “I love you more.”

Changmin buries his nose against Yunho’s neck. He can smell his own sweat on the other’s skin, and smiles victoriously.

“I know.”
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