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Floating on Air

This is a Homin drabblet written in Peter Pan AU; inspired by the lovely Madamteatime :D ~<33
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Group: TVXQ
Pairing: Homin
Words: 799

Captain Shim reached out his hooked hand, hoping to snag the man hovering just over his head.

"You’ll never catch me, Bambi~!” Yunho hollered. He grinned widely, teeth glittering as he backflipped out of reach. Changmin tracked his swift movement with his wide doe eyes, scanning the clouds as the green wearing man-child floated higher and higher, fire red hair blowing in the wind.

“I’ll have you know my mother is most certainly alive and well.” Changmin called to the sky. He quirked an annoyed eyebrow, as he watched the other do backflips and somersaults over birds and rainbows.

Yunho spasmed just as he cleared a seagull, and gasped loudly, clutching at his chest.


He floated down a few more feet until his face was inches from the other’s smug grin.

“That was a low blow, even for you.”

“I’ll show you a low blow,” Changmin smirked and caught the man’s neck with his hook, finding pleasure in the answering look of shock on the others face.

Yunho squirmed, trying to free his neck from the sharp metal noose. “Unhand me, Bambi!”

Changmin’s pleased expression was gone in a split second.

Yunho paused as the cool metal vanished from his skin and was replaced by warm air. He looked at the uncomfortable look on his rivals face and immediately recounted his previous words.

—”Unhand me, Bambi”!—

“Oh,” Yunho breathed.

Yunho floated down the last few inches until his slippered feet met the grainy wood of the pirate ship. He took a few cautious steps forward and tried to catch the others eyes, but Changmin looked resolutely at the deck of his ship and wouldn’t recognize the his presence.

Yunho frowned; the guilt a thick, heavy sludge coating the inside of his tummy.

He stepped forward again, and tried to catch the others eyes on his bended knees.

“Hey, Bam—I mean Captain. If you want you can put your hook around my neck again… ?” Yunho lightly grasped the hook and tugged the rest of Changmin’s arm up until the silver wrapped around his delicate neck once more. The other man jerked his head up in a startled motion, his wide mouth open in surprise.

“You mean… you don’t mind?” Changmin mumbled uncertainly, but he didn’t remove his…. hook-hand.

Yunho wildly shook his head back and forth like a dog. “No, no, it’s alright, of course!” He settled his hands comfortably at his sides, happy to see the other’s expression brighten with each passing second. “I feel like a fish, kind of. It’s fun!”

Changmin gave him a confused mixed bemused look at that last remark.

“I mean, think of all the ladies you’d catch with this beauty~” Yunho continued obliviously, waggling his eyebrows suggestively. His small smile widening as the other man snorted at his actions.

“Ironic. The only one I want to catch these days is you,” Changmin admitted.

Yunho coughed, a twin blush spreading on his cheeks, quite similar in shade to the Captains own.

“Well, you might be able to if you weren’t such an old fart~” Yunho blew a raspberry in the taller’s face, before ducking under his hook and escaping towards the skyline once more.

Changmin waved his silver appendage warningly at the sky. Though his brows furiously huddled amongst themselves, the tall young captain watched carefully as the man-child disappeared amongst the clouds, his heart feeling lighter since the day his hand become heavier.


“Well, that was uneventful,” Hee-nim yawned delicately, unfolding his wings as he peaked out of the crease of Yunho’s hat, “You do know you’re technically older than him, right?

Yunho laughed at the fairies dry words, spiraling further into the sky.

“You know what they say, ‘Only those who believe they are old, feel old’.”

“Pretty sure it’s ‘are old’, not just ‘feel’.” Hee-nim scoffed.

Yunho ignored the fairy’s groggy follow up, as he flipped over and floated. His thoughts drifted to Changmin, what else, right? His mind replaying their millionth meeting.

He wiggled his feet as he hovered thousands of meters above his rivals ship, fringe falling into his face as he frowned upside down.

Yunho pursed his lips as he recalled the lost inches between himself and Changmin, when he had set his feet onto the ground. There was damn good reason he made sure always to hover some inches above it, whenever he felt like visiting his favorite pirate captain. It’s not like he could wear heels or something, he was a boy~~

“Besides.” Yunho murmured to himself. He peeked at the dark speck shuffling along the mahogany block swaying in the blue sea. He blushed as the cool wind caressed his neck, and his rubbed it gently.

“Tall people suck.” He pouted resolutely.

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Tags: drabble, fluff, homin
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