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05 May 2011 @ 04:55 pm
I bought a shinee sweatshirt from fyzzedaparel and I loooooooove it!!
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06 April 2011 @ 06:25 pm
try watching Shinee's Love Like Oxygen MV (no audio), while listening to f(X) Nu Abo (audio only) it matches really cutely! <3
It works the better you can match there start times. XDjust cause I'm so nice...you can watch them here!! Collapse )
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Hey, this isn't a serious post or anything---I'm even posting from my iPod;)

I had only found out about the addictiveNess that is kpop about a month ago, and yet I feel like it's been with me all my life. :) I'm from the US and don't really care for american artists, so when I found out about groups like Suju and Shinee and actually liked their music I was super excited!
Whenever I have time I'll be updating this Entry with the names of kpop groups/variety programs/dramas/etc. just incase people who come across my journal and are also new to kpop want to know some fun things involving their bias etc. (although beware, I'm pretty much focused on shinee XD)

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04 March 2011 @ 05:57 pm

Hello, this is my first time posting fanfiction online and I hope that everyone likes it. :)

plus, I kinda suck at technologymy computer is a bitch,so please be patient with my fails. ;P

I mostly write: ONEW FIC'S (if you can't tell by my totally unorginal username) XDXD though i might write some Gri (gdragon/seungri) just cause their so freaking REAL..

(howev. Onew's always the one on the bottom)

Pairings I have written (but not posted yet):

- Ontae (but I only write dom!Taemin so I guess its taenew or whatev. lol)

- Tofuho (OTP! XD needs more love) edit: posted 1 story, check it out! ^^

- KyuNew/KyuOn/OnKyu?? (Kyuhyun(suju)/Onew) I love this pairing but have yet to read a fic on them so I will attempt to write many of them lol.

so yeah, basically if it involves subOnew I'll be attempting to write it. :P
ps. if there are any pairings involving subOnew that you want more of/enjoy please say so in comments, let us spread the subOnew love!

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